1. Students should maintain perfect discipline inside the campus.
  2. Students should be punctual to the class and strict silence should be observed during class hours.
  3. Students are expected to be neat, clean and simple in their dressings. Casual dresses are not allowed.
  4. Boys should wear formal full/half hand shirts neatly tucked and wear tie, ID card and shoes on all days.
  5. Girls should wear chudithars with ID cards and black cut shoes on all days.
  6. Blazers are compulsory during various activities and on every Monday.
  7. Students are encouraged to communicate in English inside the campus.
  8. Mobile phones are strictly prohibited inside the class room and veranda.
  9. Students should not roam during class hours.
  10. Prior intimation of leave in letter form should be made to the class in-charge.
  11. In case of emergency, telephonic information should be provided to the class in-charge and leave letter should be given on the very next day.
  12. Assignments, project reports etc. are to be submitted within the stipulated time.
  13. Internal marks will be based on periodical tests, model exam, assignments, seminar and attendance. Students should take these sincerely.
  14. Towards placement training, Aptitude test and Technical test will be conducted on every Monday and Thursday between 12.55 to 1.05 pm respectively.
  15. Students should get a minimum of 75% attendance to enable him/her to appear for University exams.
  16. Room lights and fans need to be switched off when not in use.
  17. Students should use the toilet in a hygienic manner.
  18. Students are expected to take proper care of the belonging and property of the Institution.
  19. Students should not engage themselves in conducting any meeting, collecting money for any purpose in the campus.
  20. Students should compulsorily make use of the facilities (Library, Lab etc.) provided in the college.

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